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World War 2 Hand Grenade found in House Clearance

Discovery of a WW2 Hand Grenade in Leominster Herefordshire

We were called in September to carry out a house clearance at a property in Leominster, the customer was not present and we had received the keys prior to the clearance date, the property had fallen into disrepair, the garden was overgrown with brambles and access was not easy. The staff arrived just before 9am and started to clear a room each, one staff member entered a bedroom and started clearing items from a shelf when something dropped off the shelf, he quickly bent down and picked up the object before realising that he was holding a rusty old hand grenade, he carefully placed the grenade onto the windowsill and ran from the building alerting the other staff to leave the building.

World War 2 Hand Grenade

The staff were not sure if it was a live hand grenade, it had rusted and the pin was still inside, to be safe the staff contacted the police who attended the house very quickly, they cleared the area, closed off the road and moved our van out of range, the bomb squad attended and confirmed the hand grenade was a real World War 2 hand grenade but it had been discharged of the explosives. Our staff were unable to continue the clearance that day under Police instructions and they had to leave.

Road Closed by Police for Public Safety

Our staff were a little shaken with the find at the house, however, we returned the following week and carried out the clearance after the Police had declared the property safe and completed the work without any further nasty surprises. The story reached the local papers which you can read here.

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