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UK Clearance Services

It is simple to make arrangements with us; all you need to do is phone for an estimate, choose a time that is convenient for you, and we will take care of the rest, keeping to both the schedule and the budget. We remove any and all debris that may be found anywhere on the property. You do not even need to be there on the day in question. When we have completed, we will give you photographs of the areas that have been cleared so that you may assess how well we have performed.

Full House Clearance

Abacus can assist you whether you’re moving into a new house, getting rid of old furniture, or simply trying to tidy up.

Hourly Service

The ideal choice for anyone who has already done part or most of the sifting of a house and only wants a helping hand to clear things out and remove the bulky furnishings.

Rubbish Removal

We work with domestic households, estate agents, private landlords, builders, property managers, garden associations, flooring companies, construction companies and many other businesses.

Factory Clearance

We can remove everything from desks, chairs, filing cabinets and paperwork to electrical appliances, computer parts, carpets, scrap metal, heavy machinery, junk and verminous rubbish.

Office Clearance

Almost anything you need to remove can be taken care of by us, including old workstations, filing cabinets, desks and pedestals, chairs, paperwork, computer parts, carpets, electrical appliances, scrap metal, large machinery, junk, and verminous waste.

Trauma Cleaning

In order to assist families who, in the wake of a death or tragedy, are left with the challenging duty of returning the surroundings to its pre-trauma state, we remove blood-stained mattresses, couches, arm chairs, and carpets before thoroughly cleaning the area around the trauma scene.

Hoarder Clearance

Abacus Clearance Services is able to give assistance and support due to our extensive expertise in the field of dealing with difficult house clearances involving hoarding disorders on the part of the owners.

Probate Clearance

We can work with lawyers, executors, administrators, and private individuals to remove and dispose of the contents in order to sell, rent out, or renovate a home that is a part of a probate estate.

Wallpaper Stripping

Many customers used to ask us if we could do this when we were carrying out house clearance jobs, so we now include wallpaper stripping and removal as a stand-alone service – and we can do it for you at low cost.

Piano Removal & Disposal

In order to save you the bother of handling it yourself, we provide convenient, effective, and economical removal and disposal of any model of piano.

Garden Tidy Up Service

An Abacus garden tidy-up covers everything that needs to be done to make the whole outdoor area around your house look its best.

Verminous House Clearance

All garbage associated with verminous home clearing, such as food scraps, animal carcasses, human and animal excrement, drug paraphernalia, contaminated furniture, carpets, and other contaminated materials inside the building, is removed and disposed of by our team.


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