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Also known as Bio-Hazardous clearances. We clean up body fluids, blood and decomposed materials following an accident or death in the property. We remove the compromised items (blood stained mattresses, sofas, arm chairs and carpets) then clean the whole area around the trauma scene leaving the property completely sanitised, supporting families who following a bereavement or trauma find themselves faced with the difficult task of restoring the environment.

About Our Service

Where a trauma situation involves grieving relatives, we take a professional and sensitive approach in dealing with such circumstances and aim to provide a stress-free, quick and efficient service whilst still cleaning to the highest standards. Once the cleaning has been completed all rooms and effected areas are left in a ready to re-occupy state, preventing further distress for relatives and householders.

As established Trauma Cleaning specialists, we are fully-insured, fully-licensed, fully-capable & experienced to tackle the most daunting of situations. As licensed waste carriers, we are able to safely dispose of body fluids and decomposed materials, and take every precaution in the prevention of cross contamination. We can also provide waste transfer notes when required.


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