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House Clearance

When Abacus property clearance was first established our No1 aim was to build the company based on trust, honesty and 100% customer satisfaction & transparency. Over 10 years on, a majority of our work still comes from word of mouth! We have cleared thousands of properties in this time, have learnt from our errors and our customers feedback what you want from a house clearance company.

We run this company with you, the customer, in mind at all times, an ethos all of our staff consistently uphold; our customers come first!. We have great teams across the UK that are aware of the importance of the work we do and work hard to uphold the Abacus reputation within the house clearance industry.

Be Aware

We are well aware there are many house clearance companies out there and shopping around may well result in you receiving a cheaper quote than the one received from Abacus. But you really do get what you pay for!

The increased amounts of fly tipping we are all seeing across the UK is a result of untrustworthy and unlicensed “clearance companies” By giving your waste to someone else, who then goes on to dump it as a fly-tip, you could be held responsible and face prosecution for fly-tipping if you haven’t checked that the company or person has a licence to carry waste. Always ask to see their licence to ensure that your waste is being taken by a licensed waste carrier.

You want a company that:

Is hard workinghonest and above all respectful to the customer and the sentimental items they are clearing.

Will turn up on the day as promised, in 8 years we have yet to let a customer down, the last thing you want to do is take time of work or make a long journey to be present at the house clearance but low and behold the house clearance company you booked fail to show. It happens a lot, we know this because it is usually us that then get called to go and clear the property without any problems.

Is professional in its duties and appearance. All of our staff are fully uniformed, we do not turn up at your door in jeans, tracksuit bottoms, trainers or any old rag tag outfit. Our staff will turn up at your door all wearing matching uniforms, our staff know what is expected from them 100% of the time when they they wear the Abacus uniform.

  • Is insuredtransparentregulated & accountable.

License Number: CBDU419679


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