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Our Charity Work

When we turn up to clear your property certain items we know charities will accept are kept and taken back to our warehouse to sort, pack and then deliver to various charities. What we can not donate or reuse we ensure is disposed of in accordance with our current recycling policy. (We only tip at sites that advertise the fact they recycle)

Donating works well for all involved.

1. It saves Abacus a lot of money per year in recycling fees.

2. Our customers feel good knowing a percentage of the items we are clearing are going to a good cause.

Abacus have a fantastic reputation to maintain of being the hardest working, most reliable house clearance company in the UK. We pride ourselves on talking straight with our customers. Our number one priority is your satisfaction. If we say we will be there to clear your property we WILL be there.

As well as donating to Oxfam & others, Abacus also sponsor various childrens charities with monthly cash standing orders.

Abacus warehouse, where items are sorted, recycled or given to charities.


Our NO.1 priority is to clear the property for you on the day, as you may appreciate sometimes it is not practical to keep everything on the vans to take back to the warehouse, for example if the property is fairly cluttered then the van will have to be off loaded at a recycling centre so we can reload to get the property cleared. We usually leave the better items in the property to load onto the van last to ensure the better items do go to a good cause.

While Abacus goes for reuse where we can, we know from years of experience dealing with charities what they will and will not take. Just because a TV looks perfectly good to you does not necessarily mean it is any good to a charity because of the costs involved to have the TV pat tested. (Health & Safety Law). So do try yourself, whenever possible, to find new homes for useful items before the property is cleared.

We have had customers in the past ask us why we took their loved ones clothing or other items to the recycling centre and not kept them for charity. Our reply is TRUST US! We know what a charity will accept and what a charity will not accept.

You have to remember just because it is a charity does not mean they will accept any old tat (forgive the expression). Charities have limited storage space in shop and need quick sales, they can only achieve this with better quality items. Items of a lesser quality that do not sell have to be disposed of which ultimately the charity will have to pay for.

Final note! Abacus it not a charity, we are a commercial enterprise here to make money but we do have a conscience.


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