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Abacus Property Clearance Recycling and Environmental Policy Statement

Abacus Property Clearance have a strict recycling policy in place, items that can not be donated, sold or reused obviously have to be disposed.

Abacus Property Clearance has been implementing a successful recycling policy for a number of years, and has seen a positive benefit to recycling with an active company policy on reducing landfill waste. All employees are encouraged to dispose of any waste correctly.

We have created and will develop our existing Environmental Policy by minimizing the production of waste through good working practice, economic recycling or reuse where possible.

Abacus Property Clearance will…

* Meet and where possible exceed all statutory requirements for environmental protection.

* Consider the impact of our activities on the environment; aiming to prevent pollution; utilizing resources effectively; reducing and disposing of all waste in a responsible manner.

* Ensure waste is disposed of in accordance with all current legislation.

* Provide training to increase environmental awareness to all employees.

* We are fully registered with the UK Environment Agency.

* All of our vans have new generation eco engines fitted.

Abacus have a fantastic reputation to maintain of being the hardest working, most reliable house clearance company in the UK. We pride ourselves on talking straight with our customers. Our number one priority is your satisfaction.

Notice! 95% of the time we only use waste transfer stations that advertise the fact THEY recycle, the odd occasion will arise when we are in an area that may not have a recycling transfer station nearby. Since the clearance of the house is our #NO1 priority then unfortunately we will have to tip-off at a centre that may not have a rigorous recycling policy in place, having said this the law now states all centres must now recycle a certain percentage of their waste.


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