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Verminous House Clearance

Decaying food, human/animal faeces, bodily fluids (human or otherwise), animal carcasses, trauma scenes, death in the property, drug paraphernalia (needles etc.), infestation and the general decaying of waste itself is classified as verminous clearances and are by their very nature often difficult jobs that require specialist attention to not only clear them but to dispose of the hazardous items.

What we clear

  • Clearance and disposal of decaying waste, food, human/animal faeces and animal carcasses
  • Clearance and disposal of waste from Drug dens, squatted premises, eviction properties, fly tipping sites
  • Clearance and disposal of any furniture
  • Clearance and disposal of any outside verminous waste adjoined or adjacent to the property
  • Removal and disposal of contaminated wallpaper and carpets if cleansing is not appropriate
  • Cleansing and disinfection of interior surfaces and any infected areas

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Verminous properties represent a health and environmental hazard and you can be prosecuted if the verminous waste isn’t removed & disposed of. Click here to find out more about the serious and potentially dangerous health risks verminous waste can represent to you and the environment.


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