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Garden Tidy Up

(Notice we only do garden tidy up as part of a full house clearance)

An Abacus garden tidy-up covers everything that needs to be done to make the whole outdoor area around your house look its best.

We will clear gardens of all kinds and sizes anywhere in the UK. And we can remove large quantities of rubbish that would fill up many skips (even before your neighbours have added their own contributions!).

That rubbish can include bags of junk, old washing-machines, discarded sinks, broken paving-stones – and even rusty shopping trolleys (we won’t tell) or your granny’s bike from the 1940s.

Our garden-clearance team will bring all equipment needed, including brooms, buckets, shovels, shears, etc. And if the only access to your garden is through your house, we’ll lay down dust sheets so we don’t end up dirtying your carpets.

Don’t worry if your garden is a bit of a jungle. Abacus can clear it – pruning or cutting down overgrown bushes and trees and stripping away the undergrowth.

While we’re at it, we can also clear rubbish from sheds, outhouses and garages.

Abacus Property Clearance

We will take care of everything. We will:

  • Prune all bushes and hedges, and tree branches where necessary
  • Cut down unwanted trees
  • Cut your lawn
  • Weed the flower-beds and the lawn
  • Sweep up leaves from lawns and paths
  • Carry out minor repairs on fencing
  • Clear your gutters & drains of debris
  • Remove rubble
  • Clear and dispose of any rubbish

Our garden-clearance teams are well trained and highly professional (fully uniformed), and we make a point of being reliable and punctual. (We do not use subcontractors.)

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