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Verminous Waste Dangers, Health Risks & Hazards To YOU & The Environment

Verminous Waste Dangers

Verminous waste of any type carries a serious health risk to anyone that comes into contact with it as well as an environmental hazard!

As such those responsible for creating such waste can be prosecuted by a court of law. Likewise those who are responsible for removing and disposing of such waste but don’t do so can also be prosecuted.

We carry out a lot of work on behalf of local councils who have failed to get those responsible to remove waste of this nature themselves or through a company like ours and those people always end up in court hit by heavy fines and in some extreme cases even prison!

What constitutes verminous waste?

Human or animal tissue
Blood or other bodily fluids
Human or animal feces
Drugs or other pharmaceutical products
Swabs or dressing
Decaying and rotting food
Decaying and rotting waste in general
Needles, syringes and other drug related paraphernalia

If your property contains any or a number of the above then that property is classed as a verminous property.

health & environmental risks

What health & environmental risks & hazards does verminous waste represent?

Any property infected by rats or other vermin such as mice and pigeons will likely contain traces of some or all of the following diseases in one form or another:

Weil’s disease
Foot and mouth disease

Some of these diseases can be potentially fatal while others can make you very sick or ill indeed. Take Histoplasmosis for example which is a disease caused by a fungus which grows in pigeon droppings. This disease can be contacted via spores invisible to the naked eye circulating in the air and the effects can result in fatigue, fever, and chest pains.

Weil’s disease is a bacterial infection carried in rats’ urine and the infection is caught by direct contact with the urine or polluted environment. Bacteria enters through skin abrasions or via eyes, nose or mouth. 15% of all those who contact Weil’s disease die!

Other verminous waste such as needles, syringes and other drug related paraphernalia pose a HIV, Hepatitis and AIDS risk.

Rotten or decaying waste in general can lead to gangrene and eye, stomach, and skin infection!

All members of the Abacus team when entering a verminous property wear protective clothing, footwear and other apparatus if needed. All members of the Abacus team are also vaccinated against various diseases and get regular screening checks.

As an environmentally responsible health and safety conscious company we dispose of all verminous or clinical waste correctly and safely.

Don’t put your health at risk, leave it to the experts!

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