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North Lincolnshire Council Champion Recycling Initiative

North Lincolnshire Council Champion Recycling Initiative

The council of North Lincolnshire opened their doors to householders to receive their waste over the Christmas period. As far as refuse collections are concerned, the normal timetables will be returned to immediately after the Christmas festivities have ended.

The head of refuse North Lincolnshire Council’s operations, Kevin Booth, made a point of saying that refuse services are to be maintained as close to normal as possible, as long as the weather doesn’t drastically deteriorate. He went on to say that householders should do as much as they can to maximize the amount that they recycle, and that they should use the rubbish receptacles as provided by the council.

A special effort was made to collect Christmas greetings cards by the provision of special burgundy coloured boxes. The aim is to help the Woodland Trust, who have, through a number of retailers, launched a plan to plant as many new trees as possible across the nation. The incentive is endorsed this year by Colin Wells, the actor who stars in BBC TV’s “Casualty”. The program has now been running for a total of 13 years, and in that time Woodland have recycled 654 million cards resulting in the planting of over 155,000 trees!

Planting new trees is a terrific symbol of the new cycle of life, and children in particular really associate with the sentiment. It is a charming notion to think about thousands of children planting tiny trees that will grow to mature giants lasting for many, many years, and all through the simple act of participating in recycling.

Used, discarded Christmas trees are another item just perfect for recycling. North Lincolnshire Council plan to encourage the recycling of discarded trees by entering the names of those who bring them into the recycling depots into a grand prize draw, with the opportunity of winning some sought after garden equipment. Other things that are suitable for recycling include faulty or damaged electrical items, for which special bays have been set up.

North Lincolnshire Council are leading by example, and those that follow, as well as those who utilize the facilities provided, will all be helping to husband rare resources and contributing to conservation. Make 2010 your best year yet of recycling.

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