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House Clearance Yeovil

Job Description

The Abacus House Clearance team were called for a house clearance in Yeovil last week, by a landlord who had several houses spread around the town. The landlord needed a house clearance for her one bedroom terraced house, that was being rented out by just one tenant.

The landlord had been having problems with this particular tenant, with the main issue being non-payment of rent. She had warned the tenant on countless occasions that failure to pay rent on time would lead to eviction from the house. Speaking with neighbours, they had told the landlord that the tenant was very rarely in the house, and was believed to be spending most of his time at his partners house.

He had not paid his rent for April, which lead the landlord to handing the tenant the notice of eviction. This meant that the tenant was forced to find elsewhere to live, although she did expect him to move in with his girlfriend.

In the lead up to the eviction date, the tenant had abandoned the house and left most of his belongings behind. This included the sofa, bed, some kitchen appliances and other large items. He told the neighbour that he was moving in with his partner, and did not need most of the contents of the house, which is why he left it there.

Although it was frustrating that the landlord had to deal with clearing away the contents of the house, she was relieved that there were no problems with the tenant. After he had moved out of the one bedroom house, the landlord phoned Abacus House Clearance for her house clearance in Yeovil.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


1 Bedroom Terraced

Disposal of Contents

Once we had received the call for the house clearance, we scheduled in the date for the clearance. We arrived at the house on the date that she needed the clearance, collected the keys from her, and headed to the house.

When we entered the house, most of his personal belongings had been taken, as well as valuable items that he may need in the future. We started by rounding up the smaller sized items and bagging them up, loading them onto the van first.

We then took the larger items, lifted them, and loaded them onto the clearance van. The contents were then driven to the nearest recycling centre for disposal.

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