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House Clearance Wellingborough

Job Description

Earlier this week, we were called and appointed by a landlord for a house clearance in Wellingborough. The landlord had been letting out his property to 2 male tenants for over 6 months, and they were violating several clauses in the lease.

Neighbours witnessed and complained about seeing and being affected by drug related activity, and there was also reported that another person was staying at the house. On top of these violations, the tenant was failing to pay there rent on time, and were in 2 months of arrears.

Unhappy with the behaviour of his tenants, the landlord decided to hand them a section 21 notice of eviction. The tenants were also dissatisfied with the decision, and had left a mess in the house, leaving their belongings and a large amount of rubbish and waste behind.

After finally being evicted from the house, the landlord called Abacus House Clearance as the clearance company for his property. He had told Abacus that the house was clear before the tenants moved in, meaning everything they left behind was eligible for disposal.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Terraced

Disposal of Contents

We had picked the keys to the house up from the tenant, and arrived at the two bedroom terraced house in Basingstoke for around 9 am. We started by bagging up the mess and waste that was left in the house, and loaded it all onto the van. The furniture left behind was then loaded onto the van, and this included the fridge, sofa, bed and the rest of the contents they left.

We then drove the van to the nearest recycling center in Northamptonshire, where the contents of the house was disposed. This house clearance in Wellingborough took Abacus House Clearance half a day to complete, and this was because of the waste and rubbish that was left.

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