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House Clearance Twickenham

Twickenham House Clearance Requirements

The owner of this third-floor, three-bedroomed flat in a modern block in Twickenham Greater London had inherited the property after her mother had passed away. She’d cleared those of her mother’s personal effects that she wanted to keep from the flat, and then left it for a while she and her brother decided what to do with it. Unfortunately, some squatters had spotted their opportunity and had occupied the premises. It had taken her some time to get them evicted.

The squatters had left the property in a complete shambles, and she instructed us to completely clear and clean it.

House Clearance Overview

We started the clearance bright and early at 7 a.m. Our first task was to clear out the piles of rubbish, empty bottles and cans, and drug paraphernalia that the squatters had left behind in the living room and bedrooms. This took a couple of hours and we then moved on to the kitchen which was piled high with empty pizza and fried chicken boxes, rotting food and
general rubbish. We bagged everything up for disposal.

Once we’d cleared out all the rubbish, we started in the furniture. Much of it was broken or damaged, but a few pieces, including a dining room table, two chests of drawers and a wardrobe were worth salvaging. We put those pieces to one side. Unfortunately, the fitted carpets were heavily stained and covered in cigarette burns, so after consulting the client, we
removed those as well. Once we’d cleared the flat, we gave it a thorough clean using industrial cleaning equipment.

Disposal of Contents

When we were cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, we found a gold ring which had obviously fallen down the back of the unit at some point. We showed it to the client who immediately recognised it as her mother’s wedding ring, which she’d lost some five years previously. She was quite tearful when we gave it to her, as she’d never thought to see it again.

The client asked us to dispose of the serviceable furniture which we did by donating it to a local hostel for homeless people in Twickenham. Items that were not fit for reuse were sent to the local recycling centre in Twickenham.

Client Comments

Our client had nothing but praise for the speed and professionalism of our work. She emailed us soon after the job. “Thank you so much for all your hard work, and for returning my mother’s wedding ring. I cannot tell you how much it means to have it as something to remember my mother by.”

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