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House Clearance in South London

Job Description

This week, Abacus was recruited to remove and recycle the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment in South London. The client first decided to hire Abacus for a house clearance in South London after him and his partner had decided to take their relationship to the next level. The couple had made the decision of moving in with one another, and the client had already moved most of his belongings into his girlfriends 2 bedroom house on the other side of South London.

He told the team that most of the items that remained in the house were rubbish, and was unwanted junk that he had collected over the years. Rather than spending half of this weekend running back and forth to his local council waste site, he opted to recruit Abacus for a house clearance in South London. The client agreed to donate all of the unwanted items that was of value to charity, as he believed the items could add value to someone else’s life.

Job Location

South London

Job Type

Standard Flat Clearance


1 Bedroom Flat

Disposal of Contents

As the client did not specify what items he wanted to donate or the charity he wanted to donate them to, the Abacus team made the decision themselves. The items that were in decent quality and were in working condition were loaded onto the van and sent to a local charity shop in South London. The shop workers were very satisfied with the newly donate goods, and the client was grateful that we donated their unwanted items.

The Abacus team then loaded the goods that were not in great condition and were not of value onto the van. We then sent the items to the local recycling centre in South London, where they were disposed.

This house clearance in South London only took the team 2 hours, as there was not that much left in his flat. The only difficulty the team faced was the three flights of stairs they had to lift the furniture down.

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