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House Clearance Service in Ramsgate

Ramsgate Kent House Clearance Requirements

This week we were called to a block of flats in the Ramsgate area of Kent. Our client lived on the fifteenth floor of the block and hired us to clear his flat and give it a clean as he was moving on to a bigger property in Dover and wished to get this flat on the market as quickly as possible. As he was buying furniture for his new house, he requested that we remove all the furniture in the flat and donate it in to charity shops in Ramsgate where possible. He had also been carrying out some renovations on the flat in an attempt to make it more appealing to potential buyers, so there was a large amount of rubble and rubbish that he wanted us to clear as well.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the flat at 9am, keen to get started on what was likely to be quite a long job. We were very aware of the neighbours on either side of our clients flat though, so we tried to keep the noise down as much as possible from the beginning. There was a substantial amount of rubbish and rubble that was blocking us from removing the flats furniture so we decided to tackle this first. It was heavy and tiring work, but within two hours we had managed to clear all of the debris and transport it to our Luton vans in the car park below. Next, we set about removing the larger items of furniture, such as the client’s old washing machine, wardrobe, dining table and bed. As our client had already moved the majority of his belongings to his new home, everything that was left was to be disposed of. After moving the bigger items we then moved some of the smaller items from the kitchen and the bedrooms, such as an old coffee machine and an exercise bike. Although both of these items were old they were still in working order so they were worth taking to the charity shop. After we had finished clearing the flat of all the unwanted furniture we got started on the cleaning. After being covered in so much rubble and building debris the flat was very dusty and required a lot of hoovering and dusting. Thankfully the floors were laminate throughout so we were able to mop up the rest of the mess relatively easily. After clearing the dust, we then moved on to the kitchen and the bathroom which were relatively clean but required some elbow grease to bring them up to a good shine. When we’d finished tackling the kitchen and bathroom we gave the whole flat a final once over and were very satisfied with the result we’d managed to achieve.

Disposal of Contents

All of the clients unwanted furniture was in a decent condition so we took it to a local charity shop in Ramsgate along with the coffee machine, the exercise bike and a few bags of general bric a brac. The rubble and building debris we were able to take to a local recycling centre in Ramsgate.

Client Comments

Our client was very pleased with the final result and impressed with the quick and efficient manner in which we’d managed to clear the whole flat. He also told us that his neighbours had been happy that we’d managed to keep the noise down as much as possible. He is planning to get his flat on the market as quickly as possible.

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