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House Clearance in Manchester

Job Description

During the week we were asked to help with a partial house clearance in Manchester. The client was looking to redecorate part of their house and needed help to remove all unwanted furniture from the living room, kitchen and study.

The customer had lived in the house for over 12 years and had never decorated downstairs due to the lack of time and a limited budget. Once they had found the funds to hire a decorator, they arranged for them to visit in the following weeks. With only a few days left until the house was due to be decorated, they needed to remove the contents as quickly as possible.

We arranged a suitable time and date for us to make a visit, and we were told that everything they needed us to remove was placed into one room. All sentimental items were removed and we were able to move the furniture from the living room to the van easily due to it being in close proximity with their driveway.

Job Location


Job Type

Partial House Clearance


4 bedroom house

Disposal of Contents

Within 48 hours we had organised to attend and began the clearance of the very cluttered and neglected home. Our teams worked solidly for two full days and totally cleared the property. The house was so packed we couldn’t step on the floor when we walked in. There were six-foot-high piles of clothes and papers in every room.

Our specialist teams in Surrey sifted through everything to recycle and donate as much as possible for charity.

The additional issue at this house clearance was that we discovered mice. Without any fuss, we arranged for cleaners to attend immediately afterward and clean the house.

Not only did we carry out the house clearance and clean but we found her late father’s medals from the war along with personal items, passports, birth and marriage certificates.

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