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House Clearance Hammersmith


We have 10 years of experience in house clearances in Hammersmith, and we provide a professional service for all our customers.

We complete most jobs in one day, we do all the packing and we even clean up the house afterwards. Can’t make it to the clearance? We’ll pick up and drop off the keys to make it easier for you, and we’ll even send you photos of the job once it’s complete.


We carry out any clearance task in Hammersmith and around the UK. We can clear almost anything including:

We clear anything and everything including furniture, personal items, waste, unwanted items, white goods, electrical items, beds, clothes and more. We do all the heavy lifting, and we leave the area clean, tidy and without any clutter.

We can clear an entire house or a room in the house. If you have too much to clear from a room, shed, garage, basement, attic or anywhere else, give us a call.

We can even clear hoarded properties where significant amounts of clutter have built up. Compulsive hoarding can cause damage to the property and present a fire risk, so extra care must be taken. As always, we will deal with the job efficiently and sensitively.


We provide a sensitive and professional service. We know that many clearance jobs are dealing with personal possessions that have sentimental value, and many of our customers are dealing with loss. In these situations, we will check items with you so nothing gets taken away that you want to keep.

We know that you may have to travel a long way and perhaps take time off work. We will always show up at the right time and we have not let down a customer yet. We also have fully uniformed staff and we have unmarked vans for your discretion.


Do you have any questions? Are you ready to book your house clearance in Hammersmith? Then call us today FREE on 0800 0465 555 or request a callback!

We look forward to helping you with all of your clearance needs in Hammersmith or anywhere else in the UK.

Are you looking for a reliable service that shows up on time and has an extensive tack record of extremely satisfied customers? Then Abacus is your answer! Take a quick look at what our past customers think of our services – there’s plenty of feedback on our client reviews page.

Abacus provides full property clearances, removing everything requested by the client from lofts, garages, gardens, office spaces, commercial buildings and factories.

We can also provide property cleaning services if you’d like us to, helping you regain full control over your emptied premises and improving their appeal on the rental or resale market.

Job Description

We were appointed to clear a 1 bedroom terraced house in Hammersmith London which belonged to our clients mother who had passed away over six months before, although our client had visited the property before and taken any items of value or sentimental value she found it too distressing to be at the house whilst we were clearing it of the contents, she arranged for us to collect the keys from an estate agents in Hammersmith on the morning of the House Clearance and we let ourselves in, we knew exactly what needed clearing as we send a detailed list to every client via email to ensure we don’t clear anything that we shouldn’t, it was clear that no one had visited the property in a while by the amount of post which had accumulated, we parcelled all the post together and put to one side making sure we did not dispose of any while clearing the property, there was a lot of clothes in the wardrobes which we put on the bed to sort as a lot of them were still very new looking we sorted any good clothing and bagged up to take to charity, there was also I nice corner wall unit and smaller ornaments and bric a brac suitable to donate to charity, so we carefully wrapped everything and put to one side. The job was completed in under 2 hours

Disposal of Contents

There was not a lot of furniture in the property, however most was unsuitable to donate to charity, the wardrobes were flimsy and the hinges were loose so we flat packed it to get more room in our van, the sofa was old and did not meet with fire regulations so we packed everything on our van then put on the items which we could take to charity, after carrying out a final check around the property and taking pictures of every room we locked up the house and set off to the charity shop in Hammersmith, as the estate agents was not too far away we dropped off the keys and the bundle of mail that we collected from the front door before going to the recycling station in Hammersmith which we have used many times.


We don’t charge any hidden fees for our house clearance services in Hammersmith. What we quote you is the final price. That means no parking charges and no extra labour charges. We don’t charge upfront payments either.


There are lots of great reasons customers in Hammersmith and around the UK choose us for their house clearances:

  • Experienced – We are friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and we do not use subcontractors.
  • UK-Wide – We operate in Hammersmith and all over the UK.
  • Eco-Friendly – We prevent as much from being sent to landfill as possible by donating items to charities and reusing as much as we can.
  • Insured – We have full public and employers liability insurance, and we are registered with the Environment Agency as Licensed Waste Carriers.
  • Convenient – Can’t be at the property? No problem! We will pick up and deliver your keys for you.


It’s easy to arrange your clearance in Hammersmith. Simply contact us for a free quote, choose a day that suits you for your clearance, and we’ll show up on time.


June 2014

Job Location

Hammersmith London

Job Type

General house clearance

Property Type

1 bedroom terraced house

Time To Complete

2 hours

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