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House Clearance Great Yarmouth

Job Description

This week, Abacus House Clearance was contacted by a man who needed a house clearance in Great Yarmouth for his mother’s house. His mother had passed away at the beginning of the year, and he decided a house clearance was needed in order for it to be cleaned and sold.

The mother was ill and had trouble looking after herself, as well as maintaining the house. He also lived in Great Yarmouth with his wife and kids, and visited his mum on a weekly basis. Although the customer would pop round to see how his mother was regularly, the house was still messy and full of clutter.

When he decided that he needed a house clearance in Great Yarmouth, he told the Abacus team that he removed all sentimental and valuable items, and donated the items that he did not want to charity. Even after he had cleared the valuable items from the house, it will still full of mess, rubbish, and worn down furniture and clothing. The customer told us that the remaining contents of the house could be cleared and disposed, as it was of no sentimental value.

Job Location

Great Yarmouth

Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Terraced House

Disposal of Contents

We picked up the keys from the customer and headed to the house for around 9 am. When we arrived, the house was very cluttered with old, damaged furniture as well as clothing and invaluable items. None of the remaining items were eligible for donation, and were of no value to other people.

We began by bagging up the clothing and home decor items that had not been taken, and loaded them all onto the van. We then removed the wooden furniture and electrical items, including the TV, sofa, bed, wardrobes etc. This furniture was then loaded onto the van, and was sent to the local recycling centre for disposal. This house clearance in Great Yarmouth took the Abacus team around 4 hours to complete, and was straightforward.

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