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House Clearance Glasgow

Job Description

This week Abacus were called to a tricky house clearance in Glasgow by a landlord who was unable to remove the waste on his own. The customer had called us and requested that we cleared his 2 bedroom house as soon as we possibly could. We arranged for our team to make a visit for the following day.

The house was previously occupied by 3 young adults who were struggling to keep up with their monthly payments. They had missed 3 months in a row and as a result the landlord asked them to move out within 6 weeks. Instead of obliging, the tenants refused to move and were frequently reported to the police for loud noise and unsociable behaviour towards their neighbours. The landlord had no choice but to take legal action and as a result of the tenants smashing the property up, he needed house clearance services in Glasgow desperately.

When we arrived for this house clearance in Glasgow, we found smashed up furniture everywhere, spray paint on the walls, faeces, food waste and signs of a rat infestation. We were advised that we could remove the house’s entire contents, and our team of specialists began to work at 10am.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 bedroom detached house

Disposal of Contents

We spent 6 hours clearing away the contents of the house. This house clearance in Glasgow proved to be difficult, but with our expertise and experience we were able to finish the clearance in the same day.

All furniture was loaded onto our van first and we then collected the clutter into bags. We carefully removed all food and bodily waste, and made sure that there were no traces of food for the rats to feed on. Once the entire house was clear, we drove the van to the nearest approved recycling facility and the client was very impressed with our services.

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