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House Clearance Gateshead

Job Description

Abacus House Clearance was called by a customer for a house clearance in Gateshead earlier this week. The customer had made the decision of appointing a clearance company after her mother passed away in February. She informed the team that prior to calling Abacus, she had removed all items of sentimental value, meaning the items that remained in the house were ready to be disposed. The mother lived in the house with her husband, who passed away 8 months before, and was living in the house on her own until February.

We collected the keys from the customer and arrived at the property for the house clearance in Gateshead. As the couple lived in the house for over 30 years, they had assembled a collection of home decor and possessions. There was not many items of value or sentimental value, as the large majority of the decorations were left for disposal, as well as clothing, furniture and other items.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


1 Bedroom Flat

Disposal of Contents

The wardrobes and storage units were damaged, and the hinges were loose meaning it could collapse easily. The television and other electrical items were old and were of no value, and the sofa did not meet fire regulations. None of the items in the house were suitable for donation, meaning everything was loaded onto the van for disposal.

The house clearance was not that difficult, as it was mainly just furniture and home decor that needed disposing. We bagged up the items and loaded them onto the van, along with all furniture and clothing. Once the van was full, we sent the contents to the local recycling centre for disposal.

The client was pleased with the clearance, as this meant she could have it cleaned and prepared for sale. This house clearance in Gateshead took Abacus House Clearance around 5 hours, and was straightforward for the team.

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