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House Clearance Exeter

Job Description

This week the Abacus team travelled down to the South West for a house clearance in Exeter. The one bedroom house had been rented out by a tenant for over a year, and the landlord had evicted him for not paying his rent.

Unhappy with the eviction, the tenant had damaged the house and left an abundance of mess and waste when he has evicted. The landlord reported the tenant to the police for vandalism, and decided to opt for a house clearance in Exeter.

The landlord believes that the tenant has moved in with his close friend, which is why he made the decision of abandoning his possessions and furniture.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


1 Bedroom Terraced House

Disposal of Contents

We picked the keys up from the landlord and arrived at the house for around 9 am. The tenant had left the house in a poor state, with rubbish, mess and waste all around the house. He had left stains on the floor, damaged the furniture and unloaded waste in the interior.

We spend the first half of the day clearing away the mess and food waste left on the floor, bagging it up and throwing it onto the van. We then lifted and carried the large wooden furniture that was damaged and moved them onto the van. The tenant had supplied his own furniture and the house was unfinished when he moved in, meaning the landlord had not lost any money from the damage, apart from the slight damage to the house itself.

The Abacus clearance team spent over 6 hours clearing the house of unwanted and damaged furniture, and this was a difficult task with the food waste and mess he left behind.

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