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Hoarded house clearance Dundee Scotland

The House Clearance

Today we had a client who was in need of a house clearance in Dundee Scotland. His tenant left leaving a mess behind.

The property is a small two bedroom terraced house.

Full house clearance included contents removal, furniture removal, white goods removal, uplifting carpets and the underlay.

The client didn’t wish to be present hence the key arrived by post a couple of days ago.

We turned up at 9am and started the clearance.

Firstly we quickly packed all the items to a bin bags. There was a lot of clutter but the property was not too big. Then we disconnected and loaded the appliances. The gas cooker was connected using a flexi hose so we were able to disconnect it safely and easily.

The furniture including two beds bedside tables, a cabinet, a table, an armchair and few chairs went to the van.

It did not take long to uplift the carpets.

We did not find anything valuable to donate to the charity so we dumped everything to a licensed recycling centre.

The only thing left was just to post the key back to the customer!

Certainly an easy job!

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Hoarded house clearance Dundee Scotland

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