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House Clearance Derby

Job Description

This week, Abacus House Clearance received a call from a man who needed a house clearance in Derby. The customer had been working abroad for the past 6 months and had received a call from a neighbour, with the news that his mother had passed away.

The neighbour was concerned that she had not heard or seen her neighbour in a couple of weeks, and the customer had also received no contact from his mother. She had no close family living near her home in Derby, meaning communication was usually through telephone. The customers’ mother had fell ill back in early 2016 and had since recovered, which made him believe his mother could look after herself.

Since her body was discovered by the neighbour last week, it is believed that she had been dead for over a week, meaning her body began to smell and started to decay. The customer returned to the UK and appointed Abacus House Clearance as the company for his trauma cleaning and house clearance in Derby.

The customer informed the Abacus team that he had already taken personal belongings from the house, and took them with him. The remaining contents from the house was eligible for disposal, with it all being old, worn down furniture and old-fashioned home decorations and furnishings.

Job Location


Job Type

Trauma House Cleaning and Clearance


2 Bedroom Semi Detached

Disposal of Contents

The mother had owned the property, and we therefore picked the keys up from the customer and headed to the house for the trauma cleaning and clearance. We began by cleaning up the bodily fluids, blood and other decomposed materials that remained from her body.

We then took all of the furniture and home decor items from the house and loaded it onto the van. Her clothing was also bagged up, as well as all other items that remained, and this was all loaded onto the van. None of the items from the house were eligible for donation, which meant they were heading to the nearest recycling centre in Derbyshire for disposal.

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