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House Clearance Croydon

Job Description

We received a call last week from a landlord who needed a house clearance in Croydon. The house had been rented by tenants for over 12 months, and were violating several clauses in the lease, as well as being late on their rent payments. The tenants were refusing to leave after receiving the lease termination, and was taken to court by the landlord.

Whilst waiting for the eviction date, the tenants had caused damage to the house and abandoned some of their unwanted belongings. They left behind an abundance of mess and rubbish for the tenant to clean up.

When the eviction date arrived and the tenants left the house, the landlord knew that a house clearance in Croydon was required. The landlord planned for the house to be cleared and deep cleaned, in place for when a new tenants moves in.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Terraced House

Disposal of Contents

We knew that this clearance was going to be hard work, as we were told by the landlord. When we arrived the house was very messy and smelt of rotten food and rubbish. The majority of the furniture and contents that wasn’t damaged was taken with them, although the rest of the goods needed to be disposed. We began by removing the large pieces of furniture, and then removed the rubbish and waste that was left by the tenant.

The waste and rubbish was bagged up and was thrown into the van, along with the remaining unwanted items from the house. We then loaded the van with all of the goods, and drove them to the local recycling centre for disposal. This house clearance in Croydon took the Abacus team 8 hours to complete, as it wasn’t just furniture that needed to be cleared.

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