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House Clearance Cost

How much does house clearance cost? What should the cost of House Clearance be? What’s a fair price for House Clearance? How can you save money doing a House Clearance? You see adverts for House clearance priced from £17! Can you trust it? These are very common questions.

Let’s understand the details of the cost of a House Clearance to help you find a package that will suit both your needs and your budget.

First, we need to establish how big a team you might need?

The answer depends of the type of a house clearance you are looking for. Two men are usually enough for smaller jobs, that require just a few items to be collected. However if you require a full house clearance, then you require a team of at least three men. It is quite common for client’s to underestimate the amount of items that need clearing as well as the size of the job; for example, garden tools, a cluttered loft, forgotten things behind the shed and so on…

People simply don’t see the items they are used to having about the house. However, doing a house clearance takes time because all your things need to be itemised, packed and bagged carefully so that we can move them without damaging a house!

Larger pieces of furniture or appliances need to be dismantled to save space in the van. If there are two or more loads for clearance, then we need to work much faster because recycling centres usually close by 3 or 4 in the afternoon.


Recycling Fees

A big part of a House Clearance Cost is recycling fees. Some companies burn waste, fly tip or dispose of it illegally, bribe Council recycling centres and so on. This is not a respectable way of doing business and often complicates the matter rather than solving it. In addition to the moral questions, it is easy to track fly tipping back to the customer, bringing endless complications. For more information on this, please check the real life stories on the House Clearance Association’s website

How To Save Cost on a House Clearance

  1. Donate unwanted items to charity shops.

It is certainly a good idea to check with local charities to see if they are interested in any of your unwanted items. Liasing with charity shops can be a time consuming process and despite trying to donate as much as we can, we are not always able to do it on the day of the House Clearance

  1. Try to dispose of things by selling them on EbayGumtreeand other such websites. You might even make some money!
  2. To save yourself undue heartache, use companies that have a good reputation, check their Trustpilot reviews and pay attention to their fees, labour allowance and load limit.

You can check our quote here.

We wish you an easy and painless House Clearance!

Always Check Your Quotes

It is always a good idea to check the quotes you receive for the labour allowance. Many cheaper companies only allocate an hour of labour and then charge an expensive rate for extra time.

Another aspect to consider is the experience and credibility of the workforce. Cheaper labour usually indicates lack of experience and can lead to complications and delays.

Here at Abacus we use a three man team. Our staff has years of experience in house clearance and we know what exactly what we are doing and how to do it quickly and efficiently. Our daily rate includes full labour for the day including taxes and pensions, it generally costs around £250 a day. We do not recommend trying to save on the daily rate as you will most likely end up paying more.

House Clearance Cost

We only use licensed recycling centres that produce a legal Waste Transfer Note. A typical Van Load costs approximately £200-300 plus VAT to dispose. There are separate charges for mattresses, tyres, fridges and freezers as well as all the waste that falls under WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive).

Motoring costs work out to around £100 a day for a fuel, insurance, repairs and so on. We aim to keep our vans safe and in good condition!

Finally overhead costs (accounting, office, telephone bills, internet, insurance, licensing) add up to another £50 a day.

So the total cost for a proper house clearance works out to around £650 per job.

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