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House Clearance Castle Point Essex

Castle Point Essex House Clearance Requirements

We received a call from a gentleman in France, he told us that his mother had recently passed away after a short stay in nursing care after a fall and breaking her hip, she had a 4 bedroom bungalow in Castle Point which needed clearing for him to sell the property. He told us that his mother was a very proud lady and up until very recently kept the house tidy. He was flying over from France to be at the property on the day of the clearance.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property at 9am to meet our client, he had flown in a few days before and had been through her personal items with his wife to make sure they took anything of any sentimental value to them. The bungalow was immaculate throughout and furnished to a high standard, we started to empty the cupboards and drawers of all loose items before moving on to clear the furniture and white goods. Our client told us that when he went to the nursing home to collect his mother’s belongings her diamond engagement ring was missing and he really wanted to pass this down to his grand daughter when she married. As we were lifting a heavy side unit in the lounge we saw something sparkling, we found the diamond ring and gave it to our client who was overjoyed, his mother must have dropped it and been unable to retrieve it. We finished the clearance quickly as the property was so tidy, as we left the house the client gave each team member £20.00 for being honest and hading back the ring.

Disposal of Contents

All of the contents were in excellent clean condition and very modern for a ageing lady, therefore we took everything to the British Heart Foundation in Essex, there were some bags of food and rubbish along with the carpets which we took to a local recycling station in Essex.

Client Comments

Our Client was very happy with the clearanceand emailed us afterwards to thank us for finding the engagement ring, he stayed in Castle Point for a few weeks with his wife reminiscing before returning to his home in France.

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