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House Clearance Carlisle

Job Description

Earlier in the month, Abacus House Clearance were called and appointed for a house clearance in Carlisle, by a landlord who needed a clearance for his two bedroom terraced property.

The landlord had been facing problems with the tenants in his rented house, as they had violated several clauses in the lease. These tenants had been keeping pets in their property, even though it states in the contract that no pets are allowed in the property. This was not a problem to begin with, as the landlord believes that these pets were brought in only a few months ago. It wasn’t until the neighbours made a complaint to the landlord, that their two dogs were barking in the middle of the night, keeping them and their children awake.

The landlord informed the tenants that pets were not allowed in the house, giving them the opportunity to either find somewhere new to live, or to find a new home for the animals. After several warnings and inspections, it was clear that the dogs were still being kept in the house. This led the landlord to handing the tenant their notice of eviction, where they would have to find elsewhere to live.

Discontent with the decision to be evicted from the house, the tenant left the house with an abundance of mess behind, as well as food waste and animal faeces. They had also left their furniture and home furnishings behind, and their garden furniture. As this was left in the house after they had been evicted, the landlord just decided to dispose the goods.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Terraced

Disposal of Contents

We visited the site at the time and date the landlord requested, that was once the tenants had left the house. We arrived, collecting the keys from the landlord and heading into the property.

We started by gathering up the food waste and animal faeces left, bagging it up and loading it all onto the van. The remaining home furnishing and decor in the house was then bagged up and loaded onto the van, as well as the appliances and electrical equipment left behind. We then loaded the furniture, and sent them to the nearest recycling facility for disposal.

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