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House Clearance Brighton

Job Description

Last week Abacus House Clearance was contacted by a landlord who needed a house clearance in Brighton. The landlord had called Abacus with the need for a house clearance for his two bedroom terraced house, that was currently being rented out by two male tenants.

The tenants had been situated in the rented house for over a year and were subject to several complaints from neighbours and members of the local community. It seemed that these tenants had been dumping their rubbish outside the property and had been breaching several other clauses of the contract.

The landlord had warned them on many occasions that if they continued to violate the lease contract, that the notice of termination would be handed and that they’d have to find elsewhere to live.

These tenants continued to cause havoc for the neighbours and after another complaint, the landlord told them that they would have to leave. They were not very satisfied with the decision the landlord had made, and trashed the house, leaving their waste, rubbish and old furnishings in the house when they left.

When calling Abacus House Clearance for a house clearance in Brighton, the landlord informed our team that everything left behind in the house could be cleared and disposed, and that none of these items were eligible for disposal.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Terraced House

Disposal of Contents

When we received the call, the landlord booked the clearance for the date required, and we arrived at the time and date needed. We collected the keys from the landlord and headed into the house, starting with bagging up the smaller items, the rubbish left behind and old clothing etc.

We then collected the smaller items, such as electrical appliances, home furnishings and decor, bagging them up and loading them onto the van. We then lifted the furniture onto the van, and drove it all over to the nearest recycling centre for disposal.

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