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House Clearance Bournemouth

Job Description

Last week Abacus House Clearance was called and appointed for a house clearance in Bournemouth, by a landlord who needed a house clearance for one of her rented houses.

The landlord needed a house clearance in Bournemouth for a three bedroom terraced house that recently become available. She had received complaints from neighbours that the tenants were causing havoc in the neighbourhood, and had been commonly leaving large amounts of rubbish outside the house, and in the streets. Arguments would occur regularly, and would disrupt them sleeping and throughout the evenings.

The landlord, who was very unhappy with the behaviour of her tenants, warned them that if it continued, she would evict them. This behaviour continued to happen, and the landlord agreed to end the tenancy early, in order for them to move out.

When leaving the house, the tenants had only taken the valuable goods and left behind an abundance of mess, rubbish and waste, as well as furniture and other goods. Rather than wasting time and taking legal action for their behaviour and the damage caused to the house, she decided to move on and opt for a house clearance in Bournemouth.

The landlord told the Abacus team that everything in the house needed to be cleared, in order for the house to be deep cleaned and rented again.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


3 Bedroom Terraced

Disposal of Contents

We arrived in Bournemouth for around 9am, and met with the landlord to collect the keys. When arriving at the property, the house had been cleared from all valuable and undamaged items, with the remaining items all being damaged and worn down.

We cleared all the mess and waste from the floors and bagged it up, and then loaded it onto the van. We then took all other items from the house and bagged them up, and lifted the furniture onto the van. None of the items were eligible for donation, meaning the contents all needed to be loaded and sent to the nearest recycling centre.

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