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House Clearance Blackpool

Job Description

We were called this week by a landlord who required a house clearance in Blackpool. The landlord had tenants living in the house for around about 2 years, and were failing to pay their rent on time. He had told the tenants on a regular occurrence that failure to pay their rent would lead to eviction from the property, and this problem continued to happen.

Neighbours of the tenants also reported several complaints to the landlord for noticing illegal, drug related activity. The tenants were regular drug users, and didn’t clean or maintain the house, and were violating clauses in the lease. The landlord handed the tenants a section 21 notice, and gave them 2 months’ notice to find new accommodation.

When the tenants were evicted from the property, they left most of their furniture and belongings there, and only took the valuable items with them. The landlord informed us that there was an abundance of mess and rubbish left behind.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom End of Terrace House

Disposal of Contents

When we arrived at the house, the tenants left almost all of their belongings, and abandoned furniture and other items. They had removed the valuable items, and left the house in a poor state.

We started by clearing the mess and the small decorative items, and bagged them up. None of the contents was of any value, meaning it would not be useful or valuable if we donated them. We removed the large furniture and placed it into the van, and sent it all to the recycling centre for disposal.

This job took the Abacus team around 6 hours to fully complete, and was fairly straightforward, once the rubbish and mess was removed.

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