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House Clearance Bebington

Job Description

Time To Complete: 4 hours

We were appointed to clear a large 4-bedroom property and garage in Bebington Merseyside. Our client had let the property out to students for the past 2 years but became increasingly worried about the condition of the house and wanted to refurbish the property and sell it whilst the property market was good in the Bebington area. The house contained all the usual items of furniture such as beds, sofas, electrical equipment, junk and general household rubbish. The house had been left in a bit of a mess by the students and needed the carpets removed as well, our client had kept the garage locked from when her father owned the property, so thankfully this had not became a storage ground for the students and had a small amount of goods to clear. Our client posted the house keys to our office the week before as she did not want to see the condition of the property which once belonged to her father and was her childhood home. The job was completed in under 4 hours.

Disposal of contents

Unfortunately there was nothing in the property suitable to donate to charity due to regulations we loaded our van and swept right through the property, once we carried out a final check of the house to make sure we had cleared everything we were asked to we took pictures of every room to send to our client, she intended on going to the property the following week to assess what refurbishment work was required so we posted the keys back to her the same day special delivery to ensure she received them in time. We then transported all of the contents of the house in our van to a nearby recycling station in Bebington.


House Clearance Bebington

Job Type

General house clearance & garage clearance


4 bedroom detached house

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