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House Clearance Barnstaple

Job Description

Abacus House Clearance received a phone call for a house clearance in Barnstaple this week, from a woman who needed a house clearance for her boyfriend. The customer had been with her boyfriend for just over 9 months, in which they both made the decision of expanding and moving in together. Rather than moving in with one another in their current properties, they decided to find a bigger house where they could start a family.

The customer was currently living at home with her parents, with her partner living in a one bedroom flat in Barnstaple. He had not taken much care of his possessions and the flat was a complete mess, cluttered with rubbish, waste and hoarded items. His furniture and home furnishings were old, worn down and were not part of her plans when decorating the new house.

She had decided that rather than spending time clearing, bagging up and arranging his possessions into piles for donation and disposal, she would appoint a company for a house clearance in Barnstaple. The customer told the Abacus team that a house clearance would allow them to focus on moving into their new house, decorating it with new items, furniture and home furnishings.

As they were not taking anything with them to the new house, apart from sentimental belongings and clothing, the items remaining in the house could be cleared and disposed. Once she decided to hire someone for a house clearance, she called Abacus as the registered waste carrier, and said the decision was simple. She had read reviews from previous customers and had heard good things from a few people she knew.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


1 Bedroom Flat

Disposal of Contents

We received the call from the customer and scheduled the house clearance for the following morning, where we arrived at the flat for around 9am. We collected the keys from the customer and headed into the flat to begin clearing his items.

We started by gathering up the rubbish and mess that was cluttering the floors and was spread around the furniture. This was then bagged up and loaded onto the van, where we then started to carry the large pieces of furniture and home furnishings. Once it was all loaded onto the van and the house was completely clear, it was sent to the nearest recycling centre.

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