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House Clearance Service in Barcombe East Sussex

House Clearance in Barcombe East Sussex

Let our courteous, uniformed staff help you achieve a hassle free house clearance. Friendly and reliable, our staff will clear your house from top to bottom, clearing all manner of unwanted goods, junk and clutter. Upon request we will even clear your garage, garden or yard, disposing of all your unwanted goods in an environmentally friendly way.

Barcombe House Clearance Requirements

We were contacted recently by a couple who were emigrating to Germany. They lived in a small house in Barcombe and as they wouldn’t be able to take any of their furniture with them to Germany they asked us to clear their house and give it a good clean as it was a rented property and they wanted to return it to their landlord in good condition. They informed us that they had already taken the bulk of their belongings to their new house but there were a number of items that they would like us to take to a secure storage unit so that they could pick them up at a later date.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property in Barcombe at 8am, ready to get started straight away. We had picked up the keys from the couple the day before as they were staying with relatives nearby, so we let ourselves in and assessed what work needed to be done. We immediately saw the pile of belongings that they wanted us to take to the secure storage unit as they were packed neatly by the door. We carried these carefully to one of our vans and a member of our team set off straight away to deliver them to a nearby secure storage unit in Lewes that we had used before. We then began to remove the rest of the furniture from the property, packing it neatly into our furniture vans. Most of the furniture was in a very condition, but there were a few cheaper items that were no longer really serviceable. As these were of the flat pack variety, we dismantled them ready to take them to a recycling centre in East Sussex later in the day. The good furniture though, was packed into our vans and driven to selection of local charity shops in Lewes and Brighton. After we had completely cleared the house of furniture we then unloaded our wide selection of cleaning products and set to work on the house once more. Most of the rooms only required a general dusting, vacuuming and polishing, but the bathroom required a bit more attention as the shower plug was blocked and there was a fair amount of lime scale in the sink. After tackling these problems though the house was soon in pristine condition and we were satisfied with a job well done.

Disposal of Contents

The majority of the furniture was taken to local charity shops in East Sussex, while the furniture that was not in a usable condition was recycled at a nearby recycling station.

Client Comments

Our clients were very pleased with the results we managed to achieve and grateful that we had taken their possessions to the secure storage unit for them. They informed us that they would be recommending us to their friends.

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We clear all types of properties including houses, flats and bungalows. Arriving in our furniture vans, our friendly and reliable uniformed staff will remove all unwanted goods, junk, clutter and waste from your property, even taking up your carpets on request. Whether you’re a home owner, renter or landlord, our fast and efficient service is guaranteed to take the hassle out of your house clearance.

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