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House Clearance Abingdon Oxfordshire

Abingdon Oxfordshire House Clearance Requirements

This week we were contacted by a client who had just bought a three bedroom property in Abingdon at auction. She informed us that she wanted to fully renovate the property, but first she wanted us to clear some furniture as well as a large amount of junk and clutter in the garden and in the garden shed. She did not require us to clean the property as it was going to be fully renovated and would just get dirty again.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property in the leafy neighbourhood of Abingdon at 9am, ready to get started immediately. After letting ourselves in with keys that we had picked up from a neighbour, we took a look around the property and the garden to see what worked needed to be done. The house was definitely in need of renovation as it was quite old fashioned and worn out in many places. There were one or two items of furniture in each of the rooms, but as our client had described, the garden was the biggest problem, with a lot of building rubble and junk dumped in the middle of the garden. The garden shed was packed full of clutter, including some old bikes and several old and dusty garden implements. We decided to begin with the furniture in the house as this was the easiest part of the job and could be completed quickly. Despite being covered in a thick layer of dust, all of the items of furniture were in a good condition, so after dusting and wiping them we carried them carefully outside to our Luton van. Clearing the furniture took us just half an hour and we then ready to get started on the larger task of clearing the garden. The garden was mostly waste ground, consisting of dirt and no plants, so we didn’t have any overgrown shrubbery to deal with. The building rubble and other junk, such as broken furniture and children’s toys, took up most of the garden though so we had a big task on our hands. We sorted through all of the rubble, sorting it into different piles depending on whether it could be recycled or not, before transporting it to our Luton van. This was heavy work but within three hours we had managed to fully clear the garden and were just left with the garden shed. The shed was crammed full of objects, including bikes and lots of half filled paint pots. None of the contents was in a re-usable condition so we decided to take as much as possible to the local recycling centre in Abingdon. The shed took us a further hour and a half to clear, but when we were finished we were very happy with what we had achieved and were happy to lock up the house and return the keys to the neighbour as requested, we took pictures to send to our client afterwards as she was unable to be present on the day.

Disposal of Contents

All of the furniture, though old and dusty, was in a good condition so we took it all to a local charity shop in Abingdon. The building rubble and clutter in the garden was mostly recyclable so we took it all to a nearby recycling station in Abingdon.

Client Comments

Our client was very happy with what we had managed to achieve in the space of a day and told us she was particularly pleased with the results in the garden. She told us she would be recommending us to her friends in the property Business.

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