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Eastleigh Hampshire Cluttered House Clearance

Eastleight Hampshire Cluttered House Clearance

Verminous house clearance in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Abacus House Clearance was appointed to clear a cluttered three-bedroom bungalow in Eastleigh, Hampshire in July 2009.

This was not a straight forward clearance. The client explained that their mother had taken ill and they wanted to get her heavily cluttered house into order while she was in hospital. They asked us to remove only the clutter.

They had tried to tackle the clearance themselves but soon found that they were taking on too much – particularly as they lived 300 miles away.

They found the Abacus website and contacted us. Reassured by our approach to sensitive situations such as this, they asked us to take on the job.

We were also asked, while clearing the clutter, to locate various items of value, such as medals, jewellery, cash and certain paperwork.

The client sent us the key to the house and we agreed a date and time to meet at the property. It proved fortuitous that we later rang the client to say we could come half a day early, since, on entering the property, we found that the amount requiring clearance was greater than expected.

The house was generally in a good state, except for the clutter. Many items had to be cleared from floors, armchairs, tables, beds, and so on. In parts of some rooms, they reached almost to the ceilings.

We found the various items of value – and also discovered a large quantity of cash.

The job took us 2½ days. We started at 6am on the first day and finished before 4pm on the third day (a Saturday).

The client very kindly wrote later to compliment us on managing everything in a “highly professional and efficient manner”.

The client also expressed appreciation that we had “retrieved from the chaos” “significant amounts of cash, personal possessions and items of great sentimental value” and kept them safe to pass on.

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