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Dover Kent Verminous and Cluttered House Clearance

Dover Verminous and Cluttered House Clearance

Abacus House Clearance was appointed to clear a cluttered and verminous two-bedroom house in Dover, Kent.

This is one of the most rewarding jobs we have ever carried out. The customer had attempted to clear the house at first, but it was in such a state that this led to huge stress, and even provoked some “tantrums and domestic rows”!

We were warned that the house – although small – was in a bad state, and asked to leave any furniture in the property that we judged reusable.

We were also asked to sort and keep safe any photographs, legal paperwork and other items that we thought might be of value.

There was a huge amount of junk in the sitting-room and dining-room, covering the floors, as well as boxes, papers, etc – the floor was invisible.

It was the same scene in the bedrooms – bedding and clothing piled on the beds and junk on the floors.

In the kitchen, our house clearance team removed rotten food from the fridge/freezer and from cupboards. We disconnected and removed the washing-machine, cooker and fridge/freezer. We also cleared a large amount of junk both in black plastic bags and lying loose on the floor.

The garage contained another washing-machine and tumble-drier, as well as a lot more unusable items.

Our Dover house-clearance team then took the junk to the Dover recycling centre, and packed and delivered to a charity outlet some suitable items.

Our house clearance cleared the property in two days and passed over to the customer a large amount of important paperwork, photographs, jewellery and items of sentimental value.

The customer wrote to thank the Abacus House Clearance team that “came to our rescue”.

The team had “arrived exactly when they said they would – in fact they were early!”

“The guys worked like Trojans and whilst identifying important documents and items … cleared the entire house without a moment of stress or anxiety on our part.”

The customer added: “In hindsight, I wish Id called in professional help immediately rather than even attempt this task alone, and would have no hesitation in recommending Abacus house clearance to anyone with a similar problem.”

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