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Cornwall House Clearance – Cornwall Council issues top tips on how to reduce and recycle your festive waste

Cornwall House Clearance

Cornwall Council issues top tips on how to reduce and recycle your festive waste

It is estimated that over the Christmas period, an extra three million tonnes of waste are produced in this country. It’s with this in mind, that Cornwall Council’s waste awareness team have published the following top tips on how to limit the impact of the holiday season.

1.Reduce the amount you throw away, and save yourself some money, by thinking about how many people you will be catering for, and how much they’re likely to eat, and buy accordingly. And remember – there’s no need to stock up too much! The shops are only closed for a day or two.
2.Don’t buy things just because you feel you have to – does anyone really like Brussel sprouts?
3.Buy frozen food and keep a stock of goodies in case of uninvited guests.
4.Put your leftovers to good use – you can even freeze them so they don’t go to waste.
5.Keep the packaging in mind when you’re buying your Christmas presents – can it be recycled?
6.Give an experience rather than a gift this year – take someone out for a meal, go to the theatre, or give a dancing lesson, rather than another unwanted gift.
7.When it comes to your Christmas tree, buy a UK grown real tree, and replant it in your garden after the holiday season.
8.Use real holly ad ivy rather than plastic ones – they’re extra festive, and can be composted after use.
9.Remember that there are a whole host of ways to get rid of your unwanted gifts, or to make room for new appliances and household items. Use websites like freecycle, local ad papers, local shops, or charity shops to pass things on.
10.Recycle your Christmas cards this year – the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity runs a comprehensive recycling scheme, as do the likes of WH Smith, TK Maxx, and M&S

Councillor Julian German, Cornwall Council Cabinet member for waste management, adds that,

“Christmas can be a joyful time of year but it’s very sad to see good food and other products go to waste. A bit of planning in advance can reduce the amount of waste we produce and save money.”

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