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Verminous House Clearance Isle of Wight

Job Description

Time to Complete: 2 full days

We were appointed to clear a very cluttered verminous house on the Isle Of Wight that had also suffered a lot of fire damage. We cleared the house & garden fully within 2 days using 4 Abacus members of staff. There was a lot of dog feces as you will see in the photographs below, we cleared all items from the house including a dead cat corpse. There was a number of rats nesting in the house which we also got rid of. We also cleared the garden of all rubbish and cut down all weeds making the garden accesible for further works to be carried out in the future.




Verminous House Clearance Isle of Wight

Job Type

Verminous house clearance (fire damaged) & garden clearance


3 bedroom terraced house

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