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The break-up & recycling of 2 old caravans in Boulmer, Northumberland

Job Description

Time to Complete: Half a day

We were appointed to dismantle and dispose of 2 old and disused caravans and a trailer as well as some misc junk in Boulmer, Northumberland. Neither of the 2 caravans or the trailer had been in use for over 15 years and couldn’t be towed away so needed broken up and dismantled on sight and packed into the 2 vans supplied. It took a team of 4 men using an assortment of specialised tools and equipment to break up the 10ft and 15ft caravans and trailer with the job completed in half a day.


Dismantling & Disposal Boulmer, Northumberland

Job Type

Dismantling & disposal

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