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Sheltered Accommodation House Clearance Southport

Job Description

Last week we had a call from a lady needing urgent help with her late father’s house clearance in Surrey. She was very upset and embarrassed, to begin with as he hadn’t been well and since his wife had died had taken to hoarding. We reassured her that this is something we sadly see on a regular basis and we would look after everything for her and her sister.

Our teams are very sensitive and aware that circumstances like this hoarder’s clearance can be extremely distressing so we always talk through beforehand to our clients how we go about everything and make it as stress-free as possible for them.

The lady also worried about the payment. She didn’t have funds to pay until after the sale of the property. Clearly this couldn’t happen until we had cleared the house first.

We explained that we never take deposits upfront and are happy to liaise directly with clients’ solicitors and be paid from the funds later on.


Cluttered House Clearance Surrey

Job Type

Cluttered House Clearance


2 bedrooms house and garden shed


Within 48 hours we had organised to attend and began the clearance of the very cluttered and neglected home. Our teams worked solidly for two full days and totally cleared the property. The house was so packed we couldn’t step on the floor when we walked in. There were six-foot-high piles of clothes and papers in every room.

Our specialist teams in Surrey sifted through everything to recycle and donate as much as possible for charity.

The additional issue at this house clearance was that we discovered mice. Without any fuss, we arranged for cleaners to attend immediately afterward and clean the house.

Not only did we carry out the house clearance and clean but we found her late father’s medals from the war along with personal items, passports, birth and marriage certificates.

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