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House Clearance Slough

Job Description

Last month Abacus were called by a distressed landlord in need of a house clearance in Slough. The house had acquired a lot of damage from a recent house fire, and as a result the interior furnishings had also been ruined by either being burnt or as a result of the smoke.

The fire had been aggressive and the landlord thought it would be best to simply dispose of everything in the house. A renovation company had been called to return the property back to its original state and were due within the next week, so it was important that the house was cleared as quick as possible. Although the property was damaged by the fire, it was still very safe for our experts to work in and we were able to carry out our services with ease.

When carrying out house clearances in Slough, we make sure that nothing is left behind and that we do not touch anything important or sentimental to the customer. In this case, we came across a few important documents including passports and birth certificates, and we returned these to the landlord immediately.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


5 bedroom house

Disposal of Contents

During this house clearance in Slough, we had to remove heavy furniture and lots of leftover debris. Our experts were able to work together to move the heavy furniture onto the van efficiently, and we disposed of everything at an approved waste recycling centre. During our time at the house, we were able to fill more than one van, but with our experience and high quality workmanship we completed the job within 5 hours.

The customer was very pleased with the results and has asked us to return to clear away the clutter in his garden in the following months.

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