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House Clearance Plymouth

Job Description

Last week we had a call from a lady needing urgent help with her late father’s house clearance in Surrey. She was very upset and embarrassed, to begin with as he hadn’t been well and since his wife had died had taken to hoarding. We reassured her that this is something we sadly see on a regular basis and we would look after everything for her and her sister.

Our teams are very sensitive and aware that circumstances like this hoarder’s clearance can be extremely distressing so we always talk through beforehand to our clients how we go about everything and make it as stress-free as possible for them.

The lady also worried about the payment. She didn’t have funds to pay until after the sale of the property. Clearly this couldn’t happen until we had cleared the house first.

We explained that we never take deposits upfront and are happy to liaise directly with clients’ solicitors and be paid from the funds later on.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Terraced

Disposal of Contents

We had arrived at the house for around 9am the following morning, collecting the keys from the tenant and making our way into the complete mess of a house. We began the clearance by clearing and bagging the rubbish, food waste and other smaller items that they had left behind.

We then loaded the bags onto the van, and started to lift the larger damaged goods onto the van, and this included electrical items, some kitchen appliances, their bed, sofa and much more. This will also then loaded onto the van, and was sent to the nearest recycling centre for disposal. In total, this house clearance in Plymouth took around 6 hours, and this was primarily due to the waste and mess that they purposely left.

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