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House Clearance Halifax

Job Description

Abacus House Clearance was called last week for a house clearance in Halifax, by a landlord who needed a clearance for his one bedroom apartment. The landlord had been renting the house out to a couple for over six months, and had no problems until just a month ago.

He had been informed by a neighbour on the same floor as the tenants that drug related activity had taken place outside the flat, and that waste had been left throughout the floor. After speaking with the tenants and warning them about their actions, the complaints continued to be made.

The landlord then told the tenants that they were required to find a new place to live, handing them their notice of eviction. Once the eviction date had arrived and the tenants had left the house, the landlord noticed that an abundance of mess was left behind in the house, as well as large amount of their furniture and home furnishings.

As the Torts Act 1977 states, a landlord can dispose goods that a tenant leaves behind, regarding they follow a certain procedure. The landlord followed this procedure and with no reply from the tenant, decided a house clearance in Halifax was required for the disposal of their goods.

When phoning Abacus for the clearance, the landlord advised the team that they could clear the flat completely, removing everything that was left behind. This could all be disposed, as none of it was of any value and could not be donated.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


1 Bedroom Flat

Disposal of Contents

The Abacus team acquired the keys from the landlord and headed to the apartment for the clearance. When we arrived at the apartment, we began by clearing up the mess and bagging it up. We then took the larger furniture and home decor items and bagged them up, loading it all onto the clearance van.

With the van full we headed to the nearest recycling centre, where the contents was correctly disposed. This house clearance in Halifax took the Abacus House Clearance team around four hours to complete, and this was primarily because the apartment was small.

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