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House Clearance Greenwich

Job Description

Last week a young couple called Abacus House Clearance in need of our house clearance services in Greenwich. They were looking to downsize to a one bedroom flat as their usual flatmate had moved out and left behind some belongings they no longer needed. The young couple were due to move out in the following month and needed the furniture and belongings gone so that they could commence the cleaning and redecorating before they left.

When we picked up the call from the young couple, we arranged a suitable time and date for us to make a visit and were able to find a charity shop that would take any undamaged goods. We were given a list of items that we needed to collect, and we arranged for one van to attend the clearance with a team of two professionals.

When we turned up to this house clearance in Greenwich, we found that it may prove to be difficult to move the large furniture due to the flat being on the first floor and a small stairwell. Our client informed us that their furniture was carried in several parts, so we set about finding a way to keep their items intact. After a short period of trial and error, we were able to maneuver the items in different angles to carry them out of the building and load them on to our van.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 bedroom first floor flat

Disposal Contents

During this house clearance in Greenwich, we removed a bed, a sofa, lamps, bedside tables, a bookcase, and some small ornaments and soft furnishings. We worked efficiently and quickly, and were able to complete this house clearance within a few short hours of our arrival. Our clients were fully satisfied with the high quality service we provided and asked us to come back in the following weeks to remove anything left behind after their move.

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