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4 Bedroom Terraced House Clearance in Gloucestershire

Job Description

This week we were contacted by a man who had recently bought a house in Gloucester at auction. He informed us that the house had previously been occupied by squatters so was in a poor condition. He told us that there were several items of furniture throughout the house as well as a large amount of junk and clutter. He requested that we clear all of this unwanted junk and give the house a clean as he wished to begin letting the property as soon as possible.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the house bright and early, after picking up the keys from our client who lived locally in Gloucester. After letting ourselves into the property we made an initial assessment and saw, as our client had told us, that it was indeed very cluttered and dirty. There were several items of furniture in each room, including a number of sofas, mattresses and tables. After checking it over we saw that all of the furniture was in a poor condition so we decided to pack it all into our van in order to take it to the recycling station in Gloucester later in the day. After removing all of this furniture, we got started on the junk and clutter which was littered throughout the property. This junk included a large amount of beer bottles, cardboard and old newspapers and as much of it could be recycled we packed it into the same van as the furniture to take to the recycling station as well. Overall, clearing the house took us three and a half hours as it was a relatively big property with a lot of loose rubbish throughout. We then got started on the cleaning property, due to the condition of the house it took us a further two and a half hours to clean. We mopped, dusted and removed sticky marks from all of the fixtures and fittings and had to spend a lot of time scrubbing the kitchen which was covered in grease and grime. Once we were finished though, we were very happy with what we had managed to achieve and sure that our client would be happy too.

Job Location

Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Job Type

General house clearance

Property Type

4 bedroom terraced house

Time To Complete

8 hours

Disposal of Contents

We took all of the furniture, junk and clutter to a local recycling station in Gloucester, as none of the furniture was in a good enough condition to be taken to a charity shop.

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