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House Clearance Daventry Northamptonshire

Daventry Northamptonshire House Clearance Requirements

At the end of the week we were contacted by a group of solicitors who were working as executors of a will. Their client had died while he was living abroad, and without any relatives living in the country, they had been asked to completely clear and then sell a flat that he owned in Daventry. We were asked to dispose of all of the belongings and the furniture and then give the flat a general clean so that it could be sold as quickly as possible.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property, a small flat in Daventry at 9am, ready to begin immediately. We had picked up the keys to the property from the solicitors earlier that morning, so we let ourselves in and assessed what work needed to be done. The flat was a very small one and was sparsely furnished and obviously hadn’t been inhabited for a long time. There were a number of boxes packed with books, cd’s and records, as well as a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes and some items of kitchen equipment in the small kitchen. We began by sorting through all of these items in order to assess how much of it was suitable for donation. Sorting through the belongings took us less than an hour and we were pleased to discover that nearly all of the possessions were suitable for donation. Once we had packed all these bags and boxes into our vans, we were left with a few items of furniture, all of which were also suitable for donation to charity. The flat was thankfully on the ground floor so we were able to remove them from the property very easily. We were now left with an empty flat that needed to be cleaned. The flat wasn’t in a bad condition, but as it hadn’t been inhabited for a long time there was a good deal of dust and cobwebs throughout the property. Armed with hoovers, dusters and a selection of cleaning products we set about wiping, dusting and polishing the flat to bring it up to a good standard. As it was such a small property, this took us less than an hour and we were able to lock up the property with the intention of returning the keys to the solicitors straight away.

Disposal of Contents

We were able to take most of the contents of the house to a charity shop in Daventry, while a small amount of possessions were taken to a local recycling station in Daventry, making this a very environmentally friendly clearance.

Client Comments

Our clients were very happy with the service that we had provided and told us they were looking to put the flat up for sale as quickly as possible.

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