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House Clearance Croydon

Job Description

Time To Complete: 6 hours

We were appointed to clear a large 5 bedroom house in Croydon London, including the outhouse, cellar and garage. The property used to be the family home of our client and she now lived in America, her mother passed away over three years ago and since then her father’s health has deteriorated and recently needed 24 hour care after a fall at home. Our client had a friend in Croydon and she had been clearing the house of all personal effects and storing them for her until she could fly over for the funeral, however the house needed to be sold quickly in order to pay for her father’s care in a nursing home in Croydon. The clearance took just over 6 hours to complete with three members of our team and two full van loads of materials.

Disposal of Contents

We had pre arranged with a local charity shop in Croydon to take a lot of the furniture, books, clothes and bric a brac which was agreed by our client the remainder of the goods we took to a recycling station in Croydon, whilst we were clearing the bedroom one of our staff noticed a gold ring under the wardrobe when moving it we contacted our client and she was thrilled as this was her late mother’s wedding band which went missing many years before her death, she asked us to leave it with her friend in Croydon and she would collect it from her when she came to the UK the following week.


House Clearance Croydon

Job Type

House, outhouse, cellar & garage clearance


5 bedroom house

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