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House Clearance Corby Northamptonshire

Corby Northamptonshire House Clearance Requirements

This week we were contacted by a couple who had just bought a property at auction and wanted us to clear it so that they could begin renovating it. They were hoping to move into the property themselves but informed us that it needed substantial work before this was possible. They also told us that the property needed extensive clearing as there was a large amount of building rubble in the back garden and some more within the property itself. There were also several items of old furniture throughout the property that needed to be cleared.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property, a two bedroom maisonette in Corby at 10am, anticipating a big job. We had picked up the keys from a nearby estate agents in Corby earlier that morning, so we let ourselves in and made an assessment of the work that needed to be done.As our clients had described, there was a large amount of building rubble in the property, especially downstairs where the kitchen had once been. Many of the rooms were currently just empty shells and need to be thoroughly refurbished before the property was habitable. There were also a number of items of furniture upstairs, including a large wardrobe and chest of drawers Although these pieces were old and covered in dust they were in a good condition so we decided to take them to a local salvage shop we knew in the area. We removed all the items of furniture first, packing them carefully into our Luton van, before one of our team set off with them to the salvage centre in Corby. Now we were left with all the building rubble. We knew of a recycling scheme nearby that would take it off of our hands, so it was just a case of shifting all of the rubble inside and all of the rubble in the back garden into our vans. This was heavy and tiring work and took us over three hours to complete. Once we were finished though, the maisonette and the garden looked much better and you could see that the property had the potential to be a nice home. With all the rubble now packed up in our vans we locked up the property before setting off to the local recycling scheme in Corby and to return the keys to the estate agents.

Disposal of Contents

Despite all of the rubble in the house, this proved to be a very environmentally friendly clearance as we were able to take all of the building rubble to a recycling station in Corby and the furniture to a nearby salvage shop.

Client Comments

Our clients were very happy with what we had achieved and looking forward to getting started on the renovations.

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