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House Clearance Colchester

Job Description

Abacus House Clearance received a call this week from a man who lives in Colchester, who was looking for a house clearance in Colchester for his two bedroom apartment.

The customer lived in the apartment with his close friend, and both of them made the decision of moving in with their partners. After deciding it was best to part ways, the customer opted for a house clearance in Colchester, to clear the furniture and belongings that were not being taken with him.

The customer was moving in with his girlfriend, who lived on the other side of the town. The house was already fully furnished, meaning he didn’t need to bring any of the furniture from his apartment. His friend, who was also moving in with his partner was in the same situation, and did not need the furniture and home decor.

When he appointed Abacus House Clearance as the registered waste carrier for his house clearance in Colchester, the customer told the Abacus team that all of the large pieces of furniture and their old kitchen appliances needed to be disposed, and this included the beds, sofa, table, fridge, cooker and so on.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Apartment

Disposal of Contents

We arrived at the two bedroom apartment in Colchester for around 9am, as this was then both of the tenants were at work. We began by lifting the furniture and loading it onto the van. The items that the customer wanted to keep had already been moved into the other house, meaning we were allowed to dispose of the remaining contents.

Once all of the contents of the house was bagged up and lifted onto the van, it was sent to the nearest recycling centre for disposal. This house clearance in Colchester took the Abacus team around 4 hours to complete, as it was mainly just furniture and home decor items.

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