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House Clearance in Colchester Essex

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House Clearance

We had a phone call from a man who has lost his brother a couple of months ago. He needed to clear the house in Colchester, Essex. He said that the property is in a bad condition. After a long conversation it became apparent that the two-bedroom house is quite hoarded, and we are looking at verminous clearance. Also, the property has no electricity supply. On top of that there was a water leakage over last few weeks. All the contents was quite wet and heavy.

The client asked us to notify him in case if we locate any sellable items or items of potential sentimental value

Plus, the house is located on a narrow road with no parking.

It doesn’t seem to be a quick job…

On a day we picked up the key from a local estate agent and arrived to the property at 9am.

The property was hoarded indeed, some rooms were filled with the rubbish waste-high so we couldn’t move around. In addition, there were rats in the house.

The hardest part was to manually pick up and bag all the items.

Then the driver was doing circles around the block not to cause a big jam while two other lads were throwing as much bags as they could each circle into the van. That’s the sort of job where even three-man team doesn’t look big enough.

Sadly, at the end of the day we were able to complete the two loads only. It was apparent that we needed another day.

Luckily enough we left the next day blank for this team as we suspected that may occur.

Job Location

Colchester, Essex


Returned on the next day we worked hard up to 7pm only made two more loads, but we completed the job finally.

The client has requested us to leave carpets, white goods, some furniture and a shelf with records because he’s not been able to inspect them earlier because of a clutter.

We dropped the key through the letterbox of estate agent as it was too late and off home.

That was a really good job.

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